Pricing & Services

Pricing & Services

Studio Session

New Clients – Start-Up Pack ($200)

All new clients are encouraged to start with our Start-up Package which consists of;

  • 1st visit, Pilates Assessment discussing your medical history, conditions and/or injuries. Looking at posture alignment (using exercises from the foundation series from mat work), assessing muscle patterning and strengths. Part of the assessment is using the reformer (and other equipment if needed), this aids in development of the studio program;
  • 2nd visit, working through the program making any adjustment where necessary;
  • 3rd visit is similar to the 2nd visit with the option of increasing or changing the exercises in the program; and
  • 4th visit is again similar to the 2nd and 3rd with the ambition of working with different pieces of equipment, (where possible with consideration to any limitations of medical conditions or injuries that you may have).

Private Sessions $55

For optimum results and rehabilitation requirements, we recommend you work one on one with an instructor who will tailor a program to your personal or rehabilitation needs.

Duet sessions $45

Duet sessions are for two clients who are at a similar level of fitness and ability.


Pilates Mat Classes - Dunlop

Basic Matwork Classes ($120 - 6 weeks)

Basic class are an introductory level to Pilates matwork where the emphasis is on fundamentals such as neutral postural alignment, lateral breathing, activation of the deep core muscles, working the mind body connections, working with the Foundation, Introductory and Basic repertoire. Maximum 12 people.

Progressive Matwork Classes ($120 - 6 weeks)

Progressive classes continuing from level 1 incorporating Pilate’s props such as thera-bands, rollers, small balls, magic circles and fit balls, utilizing aspects of the repertoire applied in level 1 along with Progressive and at times touching on the Intermediate repertoire.

Intermediate Matwork Classes ($120 - 6 weeks)

Intermediate level: - At this level the classes are more challenging and do require more core strength and stability, with precision, control and fluidity of movement. The repertoire consists of Progressive, Intermediate and at times some Late Intermediate.

Casual rate for Progressive and Intermediate level classes ($25 per class)