Welcome to PilatesACT Pilates Studio, where we specialise in total body conditioning, inspired by the work of Joseph H. Pilates, using Pilates apparatus.

Pilates Active Core Training, is a boutique Pilate’s Studio fully equipped with Joseph Pilates apparatus, located in Dunlop, Canberra, ACT.

Operated by Principal Trainer Pip Grant with over 13 years of experiences, she holds the Pilates International, Advanced Diploma of the Pilates Method. PilatesACT offers both Studio Pilates Equipment Training, Rehabilitation, Pre & Post Natal Equipment Classes, Matwork Classes and Stretch & Release Classes,

Pilates Rehabilitation

As the Pilates repertoire is implemented in a controlling method, allows the exercises to be highly appropriate for client rehabilitation.


Mat Classes

Classes at Kaleen & Dunlop have been very popular, spaces fill quickly. Classes in Dunlop spaces are limited. Don't hesitate secure your position now in one of these locations.


Studio Sessions

Studio Pilates sessions focus on the Pilates apparatus as well as incorporating some mat work into the session.  Programs are designed specifically for the client’s needs and wishers.


Stretch & Release

Stretch & Release class focuses on stretches and release techniques for the whole body to improve posture, mobility, functional strength and prevention of injuries.